Tassie Thick Veneer

Tassie Thick Veneer is an eco-friendly thick veneer of solid timber that can be between 2-4mm thick. Supplying all the Tasmanian timber species, Tassie Thick Veneer also presses thick veneer onto a variety of substrates including foam, aluminium, wood, MDF, plywood, fibreglass, etc. Tassie Thick Veneer can be used for wall panelling, flooring, furniture and musical instrument application.

Other Information

Tassie Thick Veneer are also manufacturers and suppliers of handmade furniture as well as solid timber in all Tasmanian specialty species.


Geilston Bay

Mailing Address

54 Piper Road, Geilston

Contact: Craig Howard
Phone: 0408335696
Email: info@heritagefurniture.com.au
Website: http://heritagefurniture.com.au/