UTAS Inveresk Library

A John Wardle first, the crown jewel to Launceston’s Inveresk Library.

Forming what was once part of Tasmania’s largest industrial site, Launceston’s Inveresk area is fast becoming the beating, cultural heart of the city.

The redevelopment of the precinct area is the single largest infrastructure investment in the city’s history, and as part of the University of Tasmania’s transition to the area, the latest project to be unveiled is the new Inveresk Library.

John Wardle Architects were commissioned to design the new library, a $23 million development that involved more than 150 individuals during the co-design process and 300 contractors and builders.

To offset the industrial feel of the library, a nod to the area’s past, architect Manuel Canestrini used Tasmanian Timber to instil warmth into the space.