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How Tasmanian timber was used to transform ‘the DEC’ into a world-class sports and entertainment arena

Tasmania’s Derwent Entertainment Centre, constructed in 1989, is Tasmania’s largest capacity indoor multi-purpose venue accommodating up to 8,800 people. An agreement between the NBL and the Tasmanian Government has recently seen ‘the DEC’ refurbished into a world class arena that is now home to Tasmania’s first NBL team in 25 years. The $66 million refurbishment has transformed ‘the DEC’ into a world class sports and entertainment facility, with the venue rebranded as MyState Bank Arena. We spoke to Thomas Floyd from Philp Lighton Architects and Mark Millhouse from Voss about how they used Tasmanian timber to create the transformation.

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Spring Bay Mill with Interior Designer, Claire Ferri from Studio Ferri

Studio Ferri is an award-winning boutique interior design studio based in nipaluna/Hobart, Tasmania. Meticulously crafting interiors for over 9 years, Director and Principal Claire Ferri’s work is highly regarded and known to make a statement. We recently caught up with Claire to find more about the celebrated Tasmanian project, the Triabunna Spring Bay Mill. Bringing her signature human-centric focus into the project, Claire explains what the collaboration involved and the importance of specifying the local favourite- Tasmanian Oak.

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Australian furniture designer-maker brings over three kilometers of Tasmanian timber to the global design table

The last two years have looked quite different for everyone, but the inability to travel has been consistent. For Tasmanian born Brodie Neill, who now lives and practices in London, he couldn’t travel to his beloved Island home, but he could bring Tasmania to London. Two years of extensive study has resulted in Neill producing a stunning table formed from Tasmanian timber veneer offcuts, which recently launched at London Craft Week. Now the ReCoil table that took two years to come to fruition is now being preparing for a global tour throughout 2022.

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Signalman’s Quarters by 1+2 Architecture

First built by convicts in 1852 to post the signalman of Mulgrave Battery in Hobart’s iconic Battery Point, Signalman’s Quarters has received many additions and alterations over the years. Having last been altered in the 1980’s, the home’s form had begun to morph into an array of periods of styles. Taking the opportunity to breathe new life into the building rich with history, 1+2 Architecture were engaged to celebrate the existing colonial architecture while carefully crafting a new space for contemporary living.

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QC Chambers by FMD Architects

Setting up her Melbourne based practice, FMD Architects, over 15 years ago, Fiona Dunin has championed big design in small projects. As an interior designer and an architect, Dunin has merged her two disciplines to offer an integrated design approach. Working mainly on high-end residential and boutique commercial projects, FMD Architects has found their niche in small scale/bespoke. Dunin’s work has carried her across Australia and around the world, but her latest project was an honouring of both her and her client’s hometown- Melbourne.

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