Tasmanian timber is a thing of beauty.

Grown locally and sustainably, Tasmanian timber is processed to the highest standards, and backed by the technical support of Australia’s leading timber experts. Use it to transform your next project. For Toll Free Technical Support Call: 1300 041 766

From bay views to beer taps, JAWS Architects uses Tasmanian Oak to tell a local story

With a commitment to design excellence, the team at Jaws Architects have taken on a diverse range of projects around Tasmania and beyond in their 90 plus years of existence. Now, the team of twelve including Director Scott Verdouw, are highly respected for their professionalism, creative innovation and exceptional design. Discussing two of their latest projects, the Rosny Hill House and Cascade Brewery, Scott Verdouw walks us through the brief and shares why the use of Tasmanian Oak in both projects was a natural choice.

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Rustic but refined, Tasmanian Timber brings a bushy luxury to these Queensland homes

Four years ago Architect Damian Goode founded his own firm, Hive Architecture, following a number of years at several well-known architecture firms in Brisbane. He now splits his time on projects between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. The sunny skies and laid-back attitude of Queensland’s coastline is a striking contrast from the wet and wild climate that favors the growth of some of Tasmania’s finest native timbers. Specified for use in several of Damian’s latest projects, Tasmanian timber added a touch rustic luxury to two Queensland homes.

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Au naturale. Tasmanian Oak stuns in its organic form in these Melbourne homes

Health. Balance. Harmony. Melbourne architect and interior designer, Melanie Beynon has grounded her practice in these principles, creating designs that bring a positive effect on her client’s health and wellbeing. Practicing as an interior designer in the UK and Melbourne for 20 years and as an architect for 10 years, Melanie Beynon’s designs encapsulate a holistic approach, fixing on the finest of details to support the physical, psychological and spiritual needs of a building’s inhabitants. To help bring these principles to life on her latest projects, Tasmanian Oak was specified for its natural tones, texture and beauty.

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The Tasmanian Timber Expert Helpline is a free service operated by the Centre for Sustainable Architecture with Wood at the University of Tasmania; providing advice on choosing the right timber, obtaining quotes from suppliers, and troubleshooting problems.

Call the Helpline 1300 041 766

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The Tasmanian Timber Quality Assurance Program assesses nominated products for Australian Standards compliance through a quarterly mill audit. Buyers can trust that the guaranteed products from our suppliers come from a company that employs sustainable practices, holds Chain-of-Custody, and Responsible Wood accreditation.

Quality assured Original Tasmanian Timber products are available from these suppliers:

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