Tasmanian timber is a thing of beauty.

Grown locally and sustainably, Tasmanian timber is processed to the highest standards, and backed by the technical support of Australia’s leading timber experts. Use it to transform your next project. For Toll Free Technical Support Call: 1300 041 766

Timber transforms Lexus of Tasmania showroom into an inviting home-like sanctuary 

Tasmanian architecture practice Core Collective Architects have a love of materials in their raw state and Director Ryan Strating says solid timber is the gold standard. Working alongside Drew Edwards, Director at BYA Architects, their recently launched project the Lexus of Tasmania sales suite is a stunning example of how the use of timber can elevate a traditionally cold commercial space into one that is welcoming and comfortable with residential qualities. Inspired by the INTERSECT BY LEXUS luxury brand-experience concept, the new facility goes well beyond the concept of a traditional sales centre by projecting the Lexus brand promise at every touchpoint.

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10 Fold House by Timmins Whyte

Honing their craft over the last fourteen years and overseeing more than 230 projects, architect Sally Timmins and building designer David Whyte have led the way on some of Australia’s most charming home builds and meticulous commercial projects. Backed by a small team of equally passionate architects and designers, Timmins+Whyte have proved through their timeless, nature centric designs that they’re here to stay and make their mark on Australian Architecture. Catching up with Tasmanian born Co-founder and Director, Sally Timmins, she takes us through their most recent build, 10 Fold House.

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The Tasmanian Timber Expert Helpline is a free service operated by the Centre for Sustainable Architecture with Wood at the University of Tasmania; providing advice on choosing the right timber, obtaining quotes from suppliers, and troubleshooting problems.

Call the Helpline 1300 041 766

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The Tasmanian Timber Quality Assurance Program assesses nominated products for Australian Standards compliance through a quarterly mill audit. Buyers can trust that the guaranteed products from our suppliers come from a company that employs sustainable practices, holds Chain-of-Custody, and Responsible Wood accreditation.

Quality assured Original Tasmanian Timber products are available from these suppliers:

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