How can I get the Tasmanian timber I need for a special project?

Tasmanian producers regularly supply timber around Australia. Some have depots while others have regular suppliers in major capitals. Others will freight special orders to you. 

How do I source Tasmanian timbers when outside of Australia?

Many Tasmanian producers export timber around the world and it is not just the major companies. Smaller producers can service niche markets. 

How can I source Tasmanian timber for structural applications?

Tasmanian producers can supply engineering timber around Australia. The timber is available in natural rounds, unseasoned large sections, or in large section glue laminated timbers. 

Timber flooring

How do I lay timber strip flooring on a concrete slab or other substrate?

It is relatively easy to lay timber strip flooring over a concrete slab or other flooring substrate. For a slab, it can be glued directly to the slab or fixed to a plywood underlay. 

Are special nails or glue needed when installing a timber floor?

If the strip flooring is being fixed to joists, nail sizes are set in Australian Standard AS 1684. Any glue used should be elastomeric and allow movement in the timber. 

Can I achieve a 5 Star energy-rated house with timber floors?

You can build an energy efficient house that has a timber sub-floor and achieves a 5 Star energy requirement relatively easily. 

Care and maintenance

How should I care for my timber floor?

Timber floors are relatively easy to clean and care. Simply sweep it regularly, exclude dust, and wipe up any spills fairly quickly. 

What products should I use to care for and maintain timber inside the house?

The type of products to use varies with the type of coating on the wood. However, you should never need to use strong chemical or abrasive cleaners. 

Finishes and stains

What is the best finish to use on Tasmanian Timbers?

Selecting the best finish for the timber really depends on the application, the look that you require, and the amount of maintenance that you are willing to accept. 

Is it possible to stain Tasmanian timber to different colours?

Timber can be stained to a wide range of colours. The final colour of the wood depends on the initial colour of the timber and the quality and type of the stain. 

Safe handling

Material Safety with Timber and Timber Products

Timber and timber products have to be handled and machined safely on building sites and in workshops. Saw dust needs to be collected at the point of generation and some timbers have known toxicological effects. 

Support for school and university assignments

What is the difference between softwood and hardwood?

The two major botanical groups of trees are: ‘softwoods’ or Gymnosperms, species of trees bearing seeds in cones, and ‘hardwoods’ or Angiosperms, flowering trees bearing covered seeds. 

Where does a certain tree grow in Tasmania?

Every tree has its own ideal growing conditions – soil type, altitude,the amount of sunlight and rain water. There is a wide variety of forest types in Tasmanian, but they can be identified as three main forest types. 

How long does it take for a tree grow? How old are certain trees? How tall does the tree grow?

Every species is different and individual trees different again; with a range of growing conditions affecting each tree in a unique way. 

I need an image of tree for an assignment – can you provide me with an image?

You may use the images on this site for school or university assignments, as long as they are referenced correctly. 

Sustainable timber supply

Why do harvesters insist on clearfelling forests?

Clearfelling is applied in Australia’s wet eucalypt forest because it replicates the natural regeneration cycle. These large, tall eucalypt trees have evolved to germinate and grow quickly after wildfire and will not regrow in the shade of existing forest.