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Fiona Lyda
Episode 03 | 23 May 2022
"What has always driven Spence & Lyda and always driven me, is a fascination for the why of the thing, not just the wow of the thing. There needs to be a reason for things to exist, and it can be and should be obviously beauty, but it really should also carry with it the embodied elements of care for our planet, care for ourselves, and the stories behind why it's being built."
Brodie Neill
Episode 02 | 02 May 2022
"The way it works for me is that the idea is a kind of 'what if' moment. A moment of spontaneity. Like, what happens if you put ocean plastic together and made a new material? When an idea strikes, you can be anywhere. So, you've got to hold that thought, play it over and over and over in your mind. Really refine it. Almost like how a wave might shape a rock."
John Wardle
Episode 01 | 11 April 2022
"An idea in its infancy is a fragile thing. It can be killed off with logic almost immediately. It must be allowed to be given oxygen. History reminds us of how influential original thinking can be and how lives are improved by it. To be truly creative you need to push against the norm - and certain political and commercial pressures."
Welcome, Original Thinkers
Episode 00 | 03 April 2022
We'll be interviewing some of the country's leading creative minds from architecture, design, the environment, culture and business about what it takes to have an original thought, its impact, and how it endures over time. We'll also explore how creativity can improve lives and make a meaningful difference.
Michelle Boyd
Episode 04 | Michelle Boyd
"I think people are drawn to Tasmania and Tasmanian design; the designers here treat their materials as innately good already. Sustainability just comes very naturally to us, living on the island, and I think people are drawn to that because we've been practicing it a long time, and so we're now leaders, I guess, in sustainability. We're very good at it just naturally."
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