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Dylan Graham • Mass Timber Buildings
Episode 32 | 15 July 2024
The Makers: Dylan Graham is the Project Manager for Construction in Tasmania's North-West for Fairbrother. Fairbrother is a nationally award-winning company specialising in commercial and industrial construction whose expertise spans a wide array of projects, from large-scale infrastructure developments to bespoke commercial buildings. They are known for their commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. With a strong focus on client satisfaction, Fairbrother consistently delivers projects that meet rigorous standards and contribute significantly to the built environment.
Murray Griffiths • Environmentally Conscious Building
Episode 31 | 08 July 2024
The Makers: Murray Griffiths is a Director of My Build Collective. My Build Collective is a team of passionate designers and builders based in Launceston, specialising in creating unique custom homes. They offer a complete design and build experience, guiding clients from initial consultation through to the final handover. With a strong emphasis on collaboration and transparency, My Build Collective ensures clients are involved and informed throughout the process.
Amanda Hardinge • Sustainable Joinery
Episode 30 | 01 July 2024
The Makers: Amanda Hardinge is the CEO of Merritt Joinery, a renowned Australian company specialising in high-end architectural joinery. With a commitment to precision craftsmanship and cutting-edge design, Merritt Joinery creates bespoke solutions for kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, and custom interiors, transforming spaces with exceptional quality and attention to detail. Under Amanda’s leadership, the company maintains a strong focus on sustainability, utilising ethically sourced materials and employing environmentally responsible practices throughout their operations.
Al & Imo Roberts • Ethically Sourced Materials in Design
Episode 29 | 24 June 2024
The Makers: Al & Imo Roberts are the creative force behind their eponymous studio, Al & Imo. Based in Freshwater Creek, Victoria, they craft bespoke, handcrafted furniture and objects. Drawing inspiration from their natural surroundings, their pieces showcase a deep respect for materiality, with an emphasis on ethically and sustainably sourced timber. Al & Imo’s work transcends functionality, each creation imbued with artistry and designed to enrich the spaces they inhabit.
Greg Nolan • Building with Wood
Episode 28 | 17 June 2024
The Problem Solvers: Greg Nolan is a Professor at the University of Tasmania’s School of Architecture and Design and the Director of the University’s Centre for Sustainable Architecture with Wood (CSAW). As an advocate for innovative timber applications, Greg leads CSAW in its mission to be a global leader in sustainable architectural design and building with wood. His work centres on developing practical, environmentally responsible solutions that highlight the potential of wood to reduce the construction industry’s carbon footprint.
Louise Wallis • Sustainable Construction
Episode 27 | 10 June 2024
The Problem Solvers: Dr. Louise Wallis is a passionate advocate for sustainable construction and the innovative use of wood in architecture. As Deputy Director of the Centre for Sustainable Architecture with Wood (CSAW) at the University of Tasmania, she leads research and development initiatives exploring the vast potential of timber in creating environmentally responsible and structurally sound buildings. Her work at CSAW, a leading research centre dedicated to advancing the use of wood in the built environment, focuses on promoting sustainable forestry practices and developing innovative timber-based building solutions for a lower-carbon future.
Scott Flett • Building with Timber
Episode 26 | 03 June 2024
The Architects: Scott Flett is the Director of Flett Architecture, an award-winning studio based in Sydney. Driven by a deep appreciation for context, materiality, and the human experience, Flett creates refined, enduring architectural solutions that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics. Scott's work is characterised by a thoughtful approach to design, emphasising natural light, honest materials, and a strong connection to the surrounding landscape.
Fiona Dunin • Sustainable Buildings
Episode 25 | 27 May 2024
The Architects: Fiona Dunin is the Director of FMD Architects, a renowned Melbourne-based architecture firm known for its innovative and sustainable designs. Merging her interior design and architecture expertise, Fiona brings a holistic approach to her projects, ensuring a seamless and harmonious integration of spaces from the inside out. FMD Architects specialises in crafting residential, commercial, and public spaces that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally responsible. Their collaborative approach and dedication to design excellence have earned them a reputation as one of Australia’s leading architectural practices.
Josh Turnbull • Timber Processing
Episode 24 | 20 May 2024
The Timber Processors: Josh Turnbull is the Green Mill Manager at Neville Smith Forest Products. Neville Smith Forest Products is a leading Australian hardwood sawmilling company and a key supplier of high-quality timber products. Operating multiple sawmills nationwide, they specialise in processing a diverse range of hardwood species, catering to various market segments, including structural and engineered wood products, flooring and decking. Neville Smith Forest Products plays a significant role in the Australian timber industry with a commitment to sustainable forestry practices and efficient production processes.
Andrew Morgan • Timber Processing
Episode 23 | 13 May 2024
The Timber Processors: Andrew Morgan is Co-Founder of Hydrowood. Hydrowood is a company driven by innovation and sustainability within the timber industry. As a specialist in timber drying and processing, Hydrowood utilises cutting-edge technology to responsibly source and process submerged and salvaged timber, transforming it into premium quality wood products for various applications. Their commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in their practices, ensuring the preservation of valuable timber resources while minimising waste.
Shawn Britton • Timber Processing
Episode 22 | 06 May 2024
The Timber Processors: Shawn Britton is Managing Director of Britton Timbers. Britton Timbers is a family-owned and operated Tasmanian business with a long and proud history spanning more than 110 years. Specialising in the sustainable harvesting, processing, and marketing of Tasmanian specialty timbers, they cater to both domestic and international markets. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Britton Timbers offers a wide range of timber products, including high-grade sawlogs, veneer logs, and craftwood, meeting the diverse needs of the timber industry.
Justin Baily • Private Landholders
Episode 21 | 29 April 2024
The Timber Growers: Justin Baily is a Forest Steward and owner of Baileaf. Baileaf offers tailored solutions designed to help private landowners and trusted partners manage their forests and land in a way that promotes biodiversity, builds community, and enhances their vitality and value for future generations.
David White • Native Forestry
Episode 20 | 22 April 2024
The Timber Growers: David White is the Forest Manager for Sustainable Timber Tasmania – a Tasmanian Government Business Enterprise that manages approximately 812,000 hectares of public production forest in sustainable ways.
Marius Myking • Product Design
Episode 19 | 18 September 2023
Marius Myking, Director of Product Design at Snøhetta, is a strategic designer and creative force leading the charge in sustainable design and innovation. With an illustrious career marked by an array of prestigious awards, including the 2021 Dezeen Sustainability Award, Marius leverages his international expertise and strategic insight to connect industry, markets, and technology, creating designs that positively shape our future.
James Fitzpatrick • Future Architecture
Episode 18 | 04 September 2023
James Fitzpatrick, the visionary founder of Fitzpatrick and Partners, leads one of Australia's top commercial architectural practices. His award-winning design studio, boasting a talented team of 45 architects, continues to set industry standards through their innovative architectural solutions.
Michael Berger • Forest Certification
Episode 17 | 14 August 2023
Michael Berger is the Secretary-General and CEO of the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), bringing over 20 years of expertise in environmental and quality management and sustainable supply chain development. He holds a PhD in forestry and has served as a lecturer in corporate social responsibility at the Technical University in Munich, shaping minds for a sustainable future.
Ona Flindall • Timber Construction
Episode 16 | 31 July 2023
Ona Flindall is the award-winning CEO of Oslotre, a leading Norwegian architectural firm with a focus on innovative and sustainable timber constructions. A prominent figure in eco-friendly architecture, Ona shares her expertise through frequent national and international lectures, and by teaching at the Oslo School of Architecture.
Anne Chuter • Sustainable Forest Management
Episode 15 | 10 July 2023
As Tasmania's Chief Forest Practices Officer, Anne Chuter plays a pivotal role at the independent Forest Practices Authority (FPA), balancing industry requirements with sustainable environmental practices in timber harvesting and conservation.
Jana Soderlund • Biophilic Design
Episode 14 | 26 June 2023
Jana Soderlund is a biophilic design consultant, a sustainability professional, and the Chair of Biophilic Cities Australia.
David Rowlinson • Responsibly Sourced Wood
Episode 13 | 12 June 2023
David Rowlinson is the Campaign and Marketing Manager for Make It Wood, a program at the Planet Ark Environmental Foundation.
Sophie Bence & Shamus Mulcahy • Architecture
Episode 12 | 29 May 2023
Sophie Bence and Shamus Mulcahy are co-founding directors of Bence Mulcahy, an award-winning Hobart architecture firm founded by the pair in 2014. Sophie and Shamus believe that great design shapes the engagement between people and the world around them and that architecture should be driven by the spirit of generosity. They are interested in global ideas applied to the specific context and push the boundaries to create unique and distinctive buildings that make a difference.
Scott van Tuil • Furniture Design
Episode 11 | 15 May 2023
Scott van Tuil is a Tasmanian designer-maker and the founder of VAN TUIL Design Studio. Scott graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Environmental Design and was named the 2015 DIA Vic-Tas Graduate of the Year for Furniture Design. He works with a range of materials to create objects that are beautiful in both form and design.
Dayne Davis • Sustainable Building Design
Episode 10 | 19 December 2022
Dayne Davis is the Managing Director of Timber Design Studio, a firm that designs timber buildings internationally. They bring sustainable and forward-thinking design approaches to the mainstream of society.
Adam Gibson • Photography
Episode 09 | 28 November 2022
With an eye for dramatic tension, Adam Gibson's photography reflects a life spent roaming within and beyond the wild Tasmanian landscape. Responding to diverse creative briefs, architecture, people, and landscapes are the heroes of his work.
Scott Balmforth • Architecture
Episode 08 | 07 November 2022
Scott is a Director of Terroir, a collective of architects and urbanists dedicated to producing work that increases the connection between people and the places they inhabit. With offices in Tasmania, Sydney, and Copenhagen, Terroir engages in the world from opposite corners of it, bringing breadth and depth of experience and multiple perspectives on the fragility of our world and the need to care for it.
Peta Heffernan & Elvio Brianese • Design
Episode 07 | 17 October 2022
Peta and Elvio are Co-Founding Directors of LIMINAL Studio. LIMINAL embraces a multi-disciplinary design approach driven by purpose, function and meaning of ideas-based design, and was recently awarded the Tasmanian Architecture Medal, the highest accolade of the Tasmanian Architectural Awards along with a raft of other awards for the Hedberg, the University of Tasmania's Performing Arts Centre.
David Brand • Forestry Investment
Episode 06 | 23 August 2022
David Brand has over 40 years experience in forestry investment, forest management, science, and public policy and holds a PhD in Forestry Quantitative Ecophysiology from the University of British Columbia. David is Founder, Chair and CEO of forestry investment management business New Forests. New Forests manages nearly 9 billion dollars in forestry, conservation and wood processing assets across Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Africa and the United States.
Henry Williams • Design
Episode 05 | 11 July 2022
Henry Williams is a multi-disciplinary designer and head of Henry Williams Studio. He was recently Senior Architect for Snohetta Australasia. Henry collaborated with Designer Maker Jon Goulder at Melbourne Design week for an exhibition called Self Portrait - creating a table from cross laminated timber with a collection of ceramics and tableware.
Michelle Boyde • Design & Curation
Episode 04 | 13 June 2022
Michelle Boyde is a designer and curator living in Tasmania, with a Bach (Design) at RMIT's School of Architecture and Design and a background in contemporary dance. Michelle approaches design in a broad-thinking and cross-disciplinary way, with a unique and transferable skill that spans fashion, interiors, objects and installation. She has designed and curated extensively within the national cultural sphere for organisations such as Chunk Move, Mona, Bakehouse Studia, State of Design and Melbourne Fashion Week. Michelle is the co-creator of Unconscious Collective.
Fiona Lyda • Retail & Design
Episode 03 | 23 May 2022
Fiona Lyda is the Principal behind Spence & Lyda, a Sydney retail showroom that seeks to showcase design that adds meaning to the living experience - pieces designed to stay in our lives for generations. She has a background as a production designer, art director and spent 20 years as a costume designer for film and tv, before opening Spence & Lyda.
Brodie Neill • Furniture Design
Episode 02 | 02 May 2022
Brodie is a Tasmanian-born London-based furniture designer and maker. Since establishing his studio in London's east end, Brodie's worked with an impressive roster of clients, including Reva 1920 Swarovski and Kundalini. He's collaborated with international brands, including Microsoft Mercedes-Benz and Alexander McQueen, and his limited edition works are included in galleries and private collections around the globe.
John Wardle • Architecture
Episode 01 | 11 April 2022
John Wardle is Partner at the award-winning John Wardle Architects, a practice internationally renowned for making extraordinary buildings and places that matter. As Partner at a firm of 100 people, John says he is as much a navigator as an architect. He enjoys drawing the many threads together to create something far greater than ever first imagined.
Welcome, Original Thinkers
Episode 00 | 03 April 2022
We'll be interviewing some of Australia's leading creative minds from architecture, design, the environment, culture and business about what it takes to have an original thought, its impact, and how it endures over time. We'll also explore how creativity can improve lives and make a meaningful difference.
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