Jon Goulder breaks the mould with his all Australian Innate Collection for Spence & Lyda

For fourth generation Australian furniture designer-maker Jon Goulder, expert craftsmanship and design has always been in his blood. Pushing the envelope with materials and methods, Jon has created and launched the bespoke ‘Innate’ collection in collaboration with renowned Sydney design retailer, Fiona Lyda of Spence & Lyda. The first iteration of Innate, called Innate Night, features moody dark tones and celebrates the use of Australian materials. It was recently launched in Milan.

Prominent throughout the capsule collection is the use of Tasmanian Oak and Blackwood, which have been treated with a unique pickling process to create their own moody tones. An application of vinegar darkened by steeped steel wool was applied. The tannins in each native timber react differently to the solution resulting in a contrast of deep blacks with smoky taupes. The resulting colours blend perfectly with the darker tones of the leather and steel present throughout this collection.

The mood is enhanced by Jon and Fiona’s common and intuitive desire to allow the materials to remain in their natural and simplest states, constructed and formed with an honest and inventive design aesthetic.

“Fiona’s respect for quality workmanship, attention to detail and aesthetic is incredible. It made the collaboration for this collection an obvious choice. Having traveled with Fiona to Milan for the launch of this collection, the international respect for her from designers across the industry was easily apparent.

“Spence & Lyda are industry experts at identifying and curating a selection of pieces that are strikingly unique, but also have enduring beauty, quality and functionality.”

From night to day

While the Innate ‘Night’ collection holds a number of essential pieces for the home including an armchair, credenza, console, coffee table and side tables, Jon is already in the beginning phases of developing a counter range to this night focused capsule with the creation of Innate ‘Day’.

“The next iteration of the Innate collection will expose the beauty of the natural state of the timber without colouring or pickling. Tasmanian Blackwood will be largely present but I’m also interested in playing with Myrtle and Celery Top Pine for added texture and depth. Because these woods are naturally light in colour, they will play perfectly into the bright and coastal theme I’m trying to achieve.”

Embracing a sense of refinement through the use of materials with a uniquely Australian sensibility, Jon’s choice for Tasmanian hardwood was thoughtfully chosen for its workability and ease in being manipulated. This consideration for something innately Australian has been unprecedented in the furniture industry until now.

“Innate is different than anything else available in the market. Most showrooms and commercial collections have favoured European timbers for the past twenty years. I really wanted to break the mould and create something that had not been done before.”

Uniquely Australian

Not only was creating a capsule that was uniquely Australian important but using a product that would minimize a carbon footprint was also a key factor in choosing his materials.

“As an Australian, from a sustainability perspective, using Tasmanian timber is much more environmentally sustainable. I was taught to always approach materials with cautiousness and respect, and with this collection, these ideas were really top of mind. The timber was used sparingly and sympathetically with nothing wasted.”

Leading the way for Australian furniture makers

Since the launch of the collection, Jon has received much praise, respect and encouragement from his peers and others in the industry. Having already showcased the collection on an international scale and most recently at DENFAIR in Melbourne, Jon now stands as a pioneer in the Australian furniture making space.

“The Innate collection is a platform for something much bigger. I’m thrilled to have collaborated on such a rewarding project that serves as a point of difference in my profile and in the market place. I look forward to sharing my craft with other interior designers and most importantly the people who choose my pieces to cherish and enjoy for a lifetime.”

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Jon Goulder
Spence & Lyda
Sydney, Australia

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