Pizazz that’s Supernormal

Jason Stancombe, furniture designer and founder of Relm Furniture, was commissioned to design the dining furniture for Supernormal Natsu pop up restaurant, at the National Gallery of Victoria’s (NGV) garden restaurant. The restaurant was temporary, part of Natsu, a 10-day festival held in January 2018. The Supernormal pop-up site was designed by Peter King – Senior Exhibition Designer at the NGV.

Jason used timber to complement the bluestone walls and garden locations. He chose Tasmanian Oak as “it’s readily available, sustainably and responsibly sourced, is machined just as we require it, and has minimal checking and misses, providing a superior product.”

Peter’s design had a slightly feminine feel. It was designed to provide a relaxed and informal dining experience, which was enhanced by the use of timber. The natural look of timber also complemented the bluestone walls and the garden locations.

Jason often uses timber as it “brings warmth and an organic feel to furniture”. He chose to use Tasmanian Oak as “it is readily available via Porta and complements another timber we work with a lot – American Oak”. Jason’s design uses a long timber dowel.

“I love to work with timber. The Tasmanian Oak timber dowel is of a great quality and is machined just the way we require it for our furniture.

“Tasmanian Oak has minimal checking and misses, providing a superior product for furniture making. The timber dowel products are pre-sanded which helps to increase efficiency in the production of our furniture,” he says.

“It is important for us to know that the timber is responsibly and sustainably sourced. Our customers often ask us where the timber comes from and it’s important for us to know that we are using a renewable resource”.

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