Tasmanian Oak: a simple solution for timeless design

For Preston Lane Architects, balance and simplicity is everything. Old and new. Dark and light. Bold and neutral.

The small team split between Hobart and Melbourne have mastered the art of mixing just the right amount of textures, tones and materials to come up with a design aesthetic that so clearly identifies them but also pushes the envelope, giving clients a one of kind home that’s a work of art.

After 15 years of projects, Preston Lane has now found a sweet spot in their business doing a balanced mix of both residential and commercial design with projects in both realms ranging in sizes. One thing that stays consistent through almost each project- the use of Tasmanian Oak.

Inviting and available

Whether they’re working on a custom residential project, a modern extension on a heritage-listed home or a new office fit-out, it’s likely Tasmanian Oak has been specified for use somewhere in the plans. Getting creative with the use of timber, one of the founding Directors of Preston Lane, Daniel Lane says there’s usually a highlight of Tasmanian Oak somewhere to help bring a warm and inviting easiness to the design.

“We always try to include timber in places of the home where people will interact with it. We want it to be visual without being overpowering. We use simple forms in our designs and add timber to bring warmth and homeliness,” says Lane.

Lane explains that they have used other Tasmanian species in their projects, but Tasmanian Oak is their go-to.

“Tasmanian Oak has a beautiful, fine grain and blends in easily with other materials. The colour is warm without being too overpowering. The fact that it’s also always readily available and in the sizes that we need, make it easy to incorporate into a design, knowing that we can always get our hands on exactly what we want,” explains Lane.

An easy choice for workability, sustainability and trust

While aesthetically pleasing, Lane also finds Tasmanian Oak easy to work with.

“Tasmanian Oak is obviously a hardwood, but it doesn’t behave as stubbornly as other hardwoods can and is easy to work. We’ve used Tas Oak not only for flooring but for doors, windows, light fixtures and occasionally externally as well,” says Lane.

With a design approach that establishes long term solutions and not subscribing to the ‘fashionable’ aspects of contemporary design, Preston Lane is committed to high-quality design that will last a lifetime. So, making sustainable choices when it comes to materials is also an important consideration for Preston Lane.

“Sustainability is always on the mind when configuring the design of a new project. Using a Tasmanian timber, you know exactly where it has come from and you can trust where it has come from, so we always feel comfortable using it.”

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