Tasmanian Oak dowels deliver design flexibility and simplicity

The stylish simplicity of Green Cathedral’s range of beds, cots, stools and tables, is enough to make you want to re-decorate your entire home.

The Noosa-based Australian furniture business began with their now-famous Babaneese stool. Babaneese is old school surfing lingo for sexy or attractive, and given the stool has Tasmanian Oak legs, it’s aptly named.

Having now sold over 2000 stools, Green Cathedral co-founders and owners Sally and Tim Scarce have since become Tasmanian Oak devotees. The business blossomed from a desire to create furniture with soft round lines and a coastal vibe, and Tasmanian Oak delivered.

Sally and Tim use select grade Tasmanian Oak dowels as the building blocks for their beds, cots and stools for several reasons.

Firstly, the consistency of colour and quality make the 25mm Tasmanian Oak dowel their number one choice for use in their trademark Archie beds and to-cry-for Keiko cots.

Secondly, the top-quality finish requires minimal sanding which means greater efficiency in production terms.

Green Cathedral furniture is bespoke, which means each piece of furniture is made to order. They adjust the dimensions and features so that each item is the perfect fit for their customer’s home and lifestyle.

“The Tasmanian Oak dowels give me the design flexibility and simplicity I am after, and they are great to work with. They sand and machine well and the range of sizes gives us a lot more options,” says Sally.

Finally, the strength of Tasmanian Oak makes it a highly attractive timber for furniture makers and their customers.

“We required a strong option for the treads in our Babenees stools, so we started using the Tasmanian Oak dowel (16mm) in 2011. We have since made over 2,000 stools and they haven’t let us down yet!” said Tim.

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