Three Capes Cabin

Three Capes Cabin is a tribute to place and one man’s tenacity. It was love at first sight when the brawns and brains behind the Tasman Peninsula build, Daniel Bush, first visited the area five years ago. Near his cabin lies a treasure trove of secret coves and Port Arthur’s historical ruins. Along the coastline, Antarctic swells smash against the ancient dolerite cliffs of the Three Capes Track, one of the most renowned multi-day walks in Australia. It took Daniel’s breath away, and that’s exactly why he sought to build, quite literally, Three Capes Cabin – so guests could detox from their working lives and drink in the peninsula’s beauty.

“It’s awesome to get feedback when people say they’ve had a great stay and they’re feeling so comfortable and can just switch off,” he said.

“That’s probably my favourite part about having it available to guests – hearing that people have the same experience and the same feelings that I get when I’m down there. It’s nice to know those feelings are being passed on.”

The inspiration

Daniel started building Three Capes Cabin at the beginning of 2020, spending every waking hour outside of his day job as a carpenter on his passion project. He’s worked on Tasmanian residential builds for some 15 years and spent time in Queenstown, New Zealand working in the lavish Jack’s Point area. It was here that he sourced inspiration for his own build – the heavy use of raw and natural materials.

A visual feast for the eyes

Tasmanian Oak coupled with exposed concrete encapsulates the rugged and raw beauty of the land on which Three Capes Cabin rests. No matter open or closed, north and south-facing sliding doors capture both the morning and afternoon sun. Outdoor entertaining areas do the same, with an outdoor bath placed closest to Little Norfolk Bay for maximum appeal and relaxation. Indoors and the light has a field day with the home’s materials, bouncing off the Tasmanian Timber sloping roof, feature walls, and polished concrete floor. It accentuates the nuances of the Tasmanian Oak, sourced from Woodley and Co. All in all, Daniel’s a Tasmanian Oak enthusiast for its looks and workability.

“It’s one of my favourite timbers (Tasmanian Oak), and I wanted to work with a timber that I didn’t have to stain. I wanted to keep its natural look and I didn’t want to change its properties too much,” he said.

“Then there’s the workability of it. As a carpenter, I’m constantly working with timber and Tasmanian Oak has a great feel to it.

“If I get a chisel out and need to scallop it, it does what it needs to. The availability of it as well is great. Using Tasmanian Oak was a no-brainer really.”

The Tasmanian Oak supplier

Daniel sourced Tasmanian Oak from Launceston’s Woodley and Co, a small but innovative operation that takes various timbers destined for wood chips and turns them into a superb product. Owner Megan Last said seeing her timber showcased in exemplary properties like Three Capes Cabin was very rewarding.

“The client journey is incredibly important to us, from initial concept to the selection and grading process we are invested with our clients each step of the way,” she said.

“For Three Capes Cabin, the client chose one of our bespoke Tasmanian Oak grades.

“By lining the walls and ceiling they added enormous character and made the space truly soulful. We particularly love the seamlessness of the indoor/outdoor spaces. The client has created a quintessential Tasmanian experience and it’s a real credit to them.”

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Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania
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