Handmade, sleek and simple. IN-TERIA creates the perfect timber hardware.

Karryn Dargie and Dean Baird make up the team from Tasmanian based architecture and design studio IN-TERIA.

With a passion for projects where re-interpretation, adaptation and re-use are the focus, this design duo is on a mission to spread their love for a material that they think ticks all the boxes: wood.

After meeting at a Hobart architectural practice, Karryn and Dean ventured off to further explore interior design on their own, setting up shop to offer Tasmanian’s with their refined natural and contemporary design aesthetic.

With this architecture and interior design knowledge, a specific timber door handle was specified on a project in the early 2000s but after looking across the globe for a product to meet specifications and their high standard of quality, their own pursuit to develop the handles themselves began.

Uniquely Tasmanian through and through

Upon discovering this gap in the market for quality timber hardware for doors, cabinets, drawers and hooks, Karryn and Dean discovered and researched the dying craft of fine wood turning. Going on to handpick a select group of highly skilled Tasmanian craftsman to help develop a sleek but simple range of products, IN-TERIA now has an extensive product range with over 30 profiles to choose from, all made by hand from local Tasmanian artisans. And as proud Tasmanian’s, Karryn and Dean specify Tasmanian hardwoods when possible.

“We really love all of the native Tasmanian hardwoods but particularly adore Tas Oak. The versatility of oak and the variations in colour bring warmth to a project that no other material can achieve. From flooring to walls to joinery and bench-tops, Tas Oak is just a beautiful species,” says IN-TERIA’s Karryn Dargie.

Continuing to develop their made-to-order hardware, Karryn and Dean have stepped back into the domain of architecture which they also practice under the IN-TERIA name, ‘crafting spaces, experiences and objects with a particular interest in projects of re-interpretation, adaptation and reuse.

Finding beauty while minimising waste

An obvious favourite material for IN-TERIA is timber and where possible, Tasmanian species. Passionate about educating their customers and other designers on this material, Karryn and Dean were part of Denfair’s 2019 Speaker Series, discussing sustainability, design and waste in our circular economy, urging designers to take an approach that’s more self-sufficient and responsible.

“At our Denfair talk, we simply showed a picture of trees to connect the audience with the direct source of the material. There’s often a disconnect between the raw and finished product and we want to urge other designers to really think about how they can maximise the use out of every log. We’re huge advocates of using Tasmanian Timber and want to make sure we get the most out of every piece,” says Dargie.

With the demand for timber in architectural design and interior finishes rising, business for IN-TERIA has been booming but the attention, detail and craftsmanship to every order and project have remained. And with the high demand for timber, Karryn and Dean use the opportunity to further explain the benefits of using the material.

“So often we get requests for timber with a certain finish or look but the reality is, this a natural project with beautiful variations that should be celebrated, not masked. All of our hardware exposes the beautiful grain of the timber and come with a natural toxin-free finish that is easily maintained and can result in a beautiful patina.

“All of our products are designed to gracefully grow with you- and that’s where the beauty of timber lies.”

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Hobart, Tasmania

The Species

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