Landscape Restaurant & Grill – an interior steeped in history

Landscape Restaurant & Grill was inspired by the island of Tasmania. Located in Hobart’s historic waterfront precinct in the famous IXL jam factory, every element of the design has been carefully selected, and embraces the history of the place.

Much of the inspiration for Landscape came from the artworks of John Glover. His striking, unforgettable paintings captured the life and beauty of the young Tasmanian colony in the 19th century. Architects Circa Morris Nunn wanted to create a space that celebrates the historic features of the iconic building including wooden beams and convict stonewalls.

Ganche Chua, director architect at Circa Morris Nunn Architects says “The use of subtle and targeted lighting against a carefully crafted backdrop of dark coloured walls, carpet, sheers and rich textured recycled timber, juxtaposed against the heritage stone and timber structures allow us to create an immersive space that both complements and showcase the exceptional food, wine, as well the significant collection of landscape paintings including a number John Glovers that is unique to this restaurant.”

The timber selected for the tables and chairs has an incredible history of its own. It is literally steeped in history.

The timber used in Landscape has been reclaimed from the depths of hydro-electric dams. Submerged for more than thirty years, the 200-1000-year-old forests, flooded to create dams for electricity production, are now being harvested and processed using innovative techniques. It is an Australian first.

Federal Group Sales and Marketing Manager for Tourism, Tom Wooton, said that dining at Landscape is a unique experience.

“Musical collaborations with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, curated art, tabletops with a story, and the option of personalised experience in the private dining room surrounded by Glover Prize-winning artworks, makes a dining experience at Landscape Restaurant & Grill inimitable.”

Tasmanian timber is even making the flavour of the food totally distinctive. Chef Oli Mellers is a Tasmanian that has worked with the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal. Growing up cooking steaks on the campfire at the ‘shack’ he says eating in Tasmania is about great places and simple but amazing food.

The kitchen features an Argentinian-style asado grill that is fuelled with old port, sherry and bourbon barrels from a local distillery, mixed with Tasmanian Hardwood.

“Charring and smoking over the grill give the dishes a flavour you just won’t find anywhere else,” Mellers said.

Hydrowood has recently been recognised as a national finalist in the prestigious Australian Forest Products Association Business Innovation Awards. The awards recognise industry leaders demonstrating a commitment to world’s best practice and sustainability.

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Circa Morris Nunn
Landscape Restaurant & Grill
Hobart, Tasmania

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