Tasmanian Timber launches free monthly webinar series for architects & builders

As Tasmanian Timber becomes an increasingly popular choice of material for a range of applications amongst some of Australia’s leading architects and designers, we are pleased to announce the Tasmanian Timber campaign will be hosting a monthly webinar series covering all things Tasmanian Timber.

Leading the series is Tasmanian Timber expert Michael Lee, from the Centre for Sustainable Architecture with Wood at the University of Tasmania, who has been in the timber industry for over 35 years.

The first webinar will be delivered on the 26th of August at 1pm and will cover the differences, uses, applications and availability of the two appearance grades of Tasmanian Oak; Prime and Classic.

Tasmanian Oak Classic is a high feature grade, visually enhanced by the natural characteristics of timber while Tasmanian Oak Prime provides minimal feature. Both appearance grades are highly durable and stable.

Michael will finish the presentation with a Q&A session to answer all of your questions on Prime and Classic.

There are few if any, people more knowledgeable on Tasmanian timber than Michael Lee. Michael is well equipped to share his knowledge with Australia’s architects, designers and specifiers.

Michael is a former production manager at one of the largest timber companies in the state, was the Technical Manager for the Forest and Forestry Industry Council (FFIC), and is currently the Technical Officer at the Centre for Sustainable Architecture with Wood (CSAW) at the University of Tasmania.

CSAW is a research unit on the cutting edge of timber use in Australia. Michael has also been involved with various government bodies throughout his career, and currently answers the Tasmanian Timber expert helpline, so he is well versed in the needs of timber specifiers.

Now more than ever, the use of Australian timber and design should be celebrated. Supporting Australian has never been more critical, for the sustainability of our economy as well as our planet.

These webinars will equip architects, designers and specifiers with the knowledge needed to confidently specify a local and sustainable material that will withstand the test of time.

The webinars throughout the series are free to attend and CPD points are currently being established.

Examples of other topics throughout the webinar series include information on Tasmanian veneers, Reclaimed Timber, Engineered flooring and Cross-Laminated Timber.

Register for the Tasmanian Oak: Prime & Classic webinar on Wednesday, August 26th at 1pm.

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