The team behind IN-TERIA celebrate refined simplicity through their thoughtful and sustainable designs

IN-TERIA first launched their line of timber hardware in 2012 with their now well-known O-Series.

The expertly crafted circular handle design was recognized by the international design community and was a finalist in the esteemed Architizer A+ Awards. Following the creation and success of the O-series, Karryn and Dean expanded their range to what now contains over 30 handmade profiles.

In addition to the thriving product design arm of their practice, Karryn and Dean also have several residential and commercial architectural projects in the works, with their most recently completed project being a home renovation in Hobart’s Sandy Bay.

“The Sandy Bay house was special because the clients were going through some significant life changes during the renovation combining the excitement of their first baby and their first big home project. They trusted us with the design but did specify that they needed durable materials to withstand the test of time and the wear and tear of life with a dog and growing family,” says Karryn Dargie of IN-TERIA

A Lifetime and Beyond: Classic Tasmanian Oak

Enter Tasmanian Oak. Using classic grade flooring with lots of beautiful features, Tasmanian Oak was specified due to its sustainability credentials, strength, durability. The natural figure throughout the grain of Classic Tasmanian Oak will help disguise any markings that might come up over a lifetime of family use. Used throughout the home, Tasmanian Oak helped build warmth through the floors, joinery and of course, the hardware.

“Tasmanian Oak patinas really well and because they wanted something that would be low maintenance but would stand up to the demands of family life, it was a perfect choice. We also applied an Osmo finish that is completely natural and baby and pet safe that would further protect the timber,” says Dargie.

With several projects in the works, the one closest to their hearts now is their own home. Renovating their house one room at a time, the laundry room was the first room to be tackled.

“Tasmanian Oak was an obvious choice for the laundry room. We knew we would love it and the result was beautiful. Our plans for the rest of the home all involve Tasmanian Oak because of its soft warmth, versatility and its forgiving nature that grows old with you. The natural quality of the oak marries well with the other natural materials we like to use including leather and ceramics.”

A Love for Tasmania

Looking to the future, Karryn and Dean say they’re excited for what’s to come next with IN-TERIA and feel privileged having their business set up on the island that they love.

“I love being able to experiment with our designs in Tasmania. The Tasmanian landscape is so incredibly beautiful. Living so close to the River Derwent, mere metres, and Kunanyi, gives us a great appreciation for our place on the planet and a great sense of respect for the materials that we use. Going for a bushwalk and being in a living, breathing forest reminds of us of how precious the resources we use are and our responsibility to prioritise the future over our own present.

“Whilst working in Tasmania has presented its challenges, it has also allowed us many incredible opportunities. We have been invited to work on so many exciting, and diverse, architectural projects. Our product range has given us the chance to delve deep and gather so much valuable experience, and knowledge, in terms of both materials and specialist skills.”

“We love being able to showcase the beauty of Tasmanian natural resources and the incredible talent of our local makers. Above all else, we value the outdoor lifestyle we are able to enjoy on our island.”

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