Andrew Morgan • Timber Processing
Episode 23 | 13 May 2024

" So, it is treasure hunting; whenever we take people to the lake and it's the first time they're there, it is captivating. People will watch it, because there's that mystique, that reveal. So, as that tree comes up, it might be a beautiful blood-red Myrtle, or it might be Huon Pine, or it might be a Celery Top Pine – we extract a number of different species. And so there's always that mystique of what's it going to be next? And it really captures people. And you can sit there for an hour, or two hours, and people are just quite happy watching trees being harvested. It's quite an amazing experience."
Andrew Morgan
Andrew Morgan - Co-Founder, Hydrowood
The Timber Processors: Andrew Morgan is Co-Founder of Hydrowood. Hydrowood is a company driven by innovation and sustainability within the timber industry. As a specialist in timber drying and processing, Hydrowood utilises cutting-edge technology to responsibly source and process submerged and salvaged timber, transforming it into premium quality wood products for various applications. Their commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in their practices, ensuring the preservation of valuable timber resources while minimising waste.
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