Brodie Neill • Furniture Design
Episode 02 | 02 May 2022

"The way it works for me is that the idea is a kind of 'what if' moment. A moment of spontaneity. Like, what happens if you put ocean plastic together and made a new material? When an idea strikes, you can be anywhere. So, you've got to hold that thought, play it over and over and over in your mind. Really refine it. Almost like how a wave might shape a rock."
Brodie Neill
Brodie Neill - Furniture Designer
Brodie is a Tasmanian-born London-based furniture designer and maker. Since establishing his studio in London's east end, Brodie's worked with an impressive roster of clients, including Reva 1920 Swarovski and Kundalini. He's collaborated with international brands, including Microsoft Mercedes-Benz and Alexander McQueen, and his limited edition works are included in galleries and private collections around the globe.

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