David Brand • Forestry Investment
Episode 06 | 23 August 2022

"I look out 20, 30, 40 years and we think about a world of 10 billion people. We think about a world that the gross world product will triple; that's like putting three of the world's economies on the same planet. And when you think about that weight of economic activity, it drives you to thinking about sustainability as central to everything, and so then I thought about the forestry sector as really, a source of sustainability solutions."
David Brand
David Brand - CEO
David Brand has over 40 years experience in forestry investment, forest management, science, and public policy and holds a PhD in Forestry Quantitative Ecophysiology from the University of British Columbia. David is Founder, Chair and CEO of forestry investment management business New Forests. New Forests manages nearly 9 billion dollars in forestry, conservation and wood processing assets across Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Africa and the United States.
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