David White • Native Forestry
Episode 20 | 22 April 2024

"My old wildlife professor used to say, forestry is not rocket science. It's ten times more complicated. The misconception, once you go and burn it, that's it, the forest is gone. Well, it simply isn't true; there's a whole set of natural processes, it's evolved over millennia that eucalypt forest burns from time to time and it burns incredibly hot. Animals know how to move away from smoke, and then they know how to recolonise back. Plants have seeds that get ground-stored and then released during a fire, and so the biodiversity comes back and that probably is the biggest misconception – once you've done it, then you can't have it back. Nothing could be further from the truth."
David White
David White - Forest Manager, Sustainable Timber Tasmania
The Timber Growers: David White is the Forest Manager for Sustainable Timber Tasmania – a Tasmanian Government Business Enterprise that manages approximately 812,000 hectares of public production forest in sustainable ways.
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