Dayne Davis • Sustainable Building Design
Episode 10 | 19 December 2022

"We actually have a really challenging one we're doing at the moment in the Middle East, a resort in the Middle East, where we're having to deal with a beautiful free-form canopy structure, which is cantilevering off moment-resistant connections about nine metres, and it's twelve metres tall so it's on an angle, but it being out in the desert, dealing with high humid, we're having to work with different species to overcome these challenges, and so it's exciting, you know, we always wanna be on the cutting edge but doing it within the realms of acceptability."
Dayne Davis
Dayne Davis - Managing Director
Dayne Davis is the Managing Director of Timber Design Studio, a firm that designs timber buildings internationally. They bring sustainable and forward-thinking design approaches to the mainstream of society.
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