Henry Williams • Design
Episode 05 | 11 July 2022

"A lot of the products that endure have been anonymously designed. Things like staplers, coffee makers, coat hangers - they're so familiar we almost forget that they had to be designed. And interestingly, all efforts to design them better, tend to fail. They do what they need to do. They're not acts of one-off creation; industry, economics, and a thousand little creative acts get them to that point. It's a modest way of thinking about design, but I think a really powerful one."
Henry Williams
Henry Williams - Designer
Henry Williams is a multi-disciplinary designer and head of Henry Williams Studio. He was recently Senior Architect for Snohetta Australasia. Henry collaborated with Designer Maker Jon Goulder at Melbourne Design week for an exhibition called Self Portrait - creating a table from cross laminated timber with a collection of ceramics and tableware.

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