Peta Heffernan & Elvio Brianese • Design
Episode 07 | 17 October 2022

"It's about re-imagining something that already exists. That for us is our what generates our approach to new thinking. It's not starting from a blank canvas, so much of this has already existed before. But it's, how do you look at this a bit more sideways? How do you how do you actually reimagine this to make it something that fits this place. It's similar with the way that we looked at the materiality of the building, and the interiors and the timbers that we used.""
Peta Heffernan & Elvio Brianese
Peta Heffernan & Elvio Brianese - Co-Founding Directors
Peta and Elvio are Co-Founding Directors of LIMINAL Studio. LIMINAL embraces a multi-disciplinary design approach driven by purpose, function and meaning of ideas-based design, and was recently awarded the Tasmanian Architecture Medal, the highest accolade of the Tasmanian Architectural Awards along with a raft of other awards for the Hedberg, the University of Tasmania's Performing Arts Centre.
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