Scott Balmforth • Architecture
Episode 08 | 07 November 2022

"Most wonderful clients - St Luke's Health - who at the core of what they do, they've got the fantastic vision for Tasmania to be the healthiest island in the world. When it came time to do the project, we just thought doing a mass timber building and the inherent qualities that, that will bring in terms of proven data around the benefits for people that are using those buildings, the enjoyment, the healthy aspects of working within an all-timber building, it was a perfect fit."
Scott Balmforth
Scott Balmforth - Architect
Scott is a Director of Terroir, a collective of architects and urbanists dedicated to producing work that increases the connection between people and the places they inhabit. With offices in Tasmania, Sydney, and Copenhagen, Terroir engages in the world from opposite corners of it, bringing breadth and depth of experience and multiple perspectives on the fragility of our world and the need to care for it.
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