Shawn Britton • Timber Processing
Episode 22 | 06 May 2024

"From the forest through to the finished products that we manufacture, waste is critical to minimise, but it's also not looking at certain things as waste, but as opportunities. At the end of the day, sawdust is a product from the logs. So, our local pool is heated with woodchips, and a flower farm up the road, they use our sawdust. We supply the boiler fuel for McCain's Potato Factory. Everything gets utilised, and that's pretty important to us as well."
Shawn Britton
Shawn Britton - Managing Director, Britton Timbers
The Timber Processors: Shawn Britton is Managing Director of Britton Timbers. Britton Timbers is a family-owned and operated Tasmanian business with a long and proud history spanning more than 110 years. Specialising in the sustainable harvesting, processing, and marketing of Tasmanian specialty timbers, they cater to both domestic and international markets. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Britton Timbers offers a wide range of timber products, including high-grade sawlogs, veneer logs, and craftwood, meeting the diverse needs of the timber industry.
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