Sophie Bence & Shamus Mulcahy • Architecture
Episode 12 | 29 May 2023

"Having complexity, and having parameters and rules and constraints, actually makes it quite easy – you just bounce off them. I mean, obviously there were so many parameters to this project, but there was a determined design agenda as well, and trying to maintain that, through all of that, is probably the real trick."
Sophie Bence & Shamus Mulcahy
Sophie Bence & Shamus Mulcahy - Co-Founding Directors
Sophie Bence and Shamus Mulcahy are co-founding directors of Bence Mulcahy, an award-winning Hobart architecture firm founded by the pair in 2014. Sophie and Shamus believe that great design shapes the engagement between people and the world around them and that architecture should be driven by the spirit of generosity. They are interested in global ideas applied to the specific context and push the boundaries to create unique and distinctive buildings that make a difference.
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